Thursday, July 26, 2012


Am I the only person who can't stand that picture of carnitas on my last post. I check my blog, becuase I like looking at at (it's not vanity, it's love) and I keep seeing that bowl of shredded pork and it just kills me. Don't get me wrong, I love meat - but let's be real here, it looks bad.

So to spare you, and I, this hasty post was born. Shame on me, I know - but I can't look at the carnitas any longer!

So I give you a post gym snack:

Kind of an awkward glass to eat a smoothie from but c'est la vie.
Ahh don't you already feel relieved. I do. Green Smoothies Photo > Shredded Pork Photo. Hands down. 

I actually never add liquid to my smoothies since I use Trader Joe's plain low-fat yogurt and it's very liquid-y. This smoothie contained lots of kale (almost too much), a blend of greek and plain yogurt, 3 big strawberries, and was topped with almond vanilla granola. Exciting right!? I've grown to love non-sweet smoothies - sugar bomb Jamba Juice are definitely o-u-t. 

In other news, I went to San Francisco on Tuesday and attended my first Giants game. Exciting but very cold! I also dragged my friends to Vicoletto's for dinner and we gorged on burrata (the heaven of mozzarella) and lobster ravioli with grilled prawns in tomato brandy sauce. It was glorious - but I took no photos so you'll have to just imagine it. Or go there - the place is great. :)

I also successfully brewed batch #2 of my Kombucha. I've got two more gallons now going on the fridge and SCOBY's to give to anyone who wants them! I've actually taken to eating them - is that totally weird?

This is batch # 1.
Batch #1 was very fermented tasting - which I loved. I let it sit for one month before drinking it. The second batch I only let sit for 2 weeks and it is sweeter but still has kick. I'm really happy with the results I am getting; I was so scared before that I was going to kill the 'mother' or get mold in it. Practice certainly does build confidence!

I am crossing my fingers that I can continue to brew once I move into the dorms. And since I am majoring in Nutrition after all, brewing a probiotic drink can't possibly be taboo. Right?

I guess we'll see soon since 'move in day' is only weeks away!

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