Sunday, July 22, 2012

Change of Plans

When cars break down on their way to Tahoe, it is a real drag. Especially when the weather up there is gorgeous, and the weather at home is going to be 100 degrees. 

Friday had started out lovely, I made carnitas for a catering client in the early am and tried my first iced mocha. Dessert for breakfast? I would say I splurged, but it was a gift from a friend and it was amazing. How have I not tried one before!?
Carnitas even make a good breakfast!
But then the morning took a turn for the worst when the car basically died 3/4 of the way up the hill. Stuck in the sweltering heat of Sacramento, despite the almost fool proof escape plan: it happens to the best of us right?

My weekend, however, was salvaged. It has consisted of tasty oatmeal and cashew butter. Which is by far, my favorite nut butter. I've got a jar already packed for college, and a mother who knows to send me a care package of it when I run out. Love you Mom!

I also went swing dancing with my long time best friend. We decided to get fancy, which meant I got a chance to curl my hair! More like wave my hair actually, since I cannot seem to get it to hold a curl to save my life. 

We headed out to Burgers and Brew for dinner and I chowed on a portobello burger. Super good. And I've got to tell you guys about the pick up line I got while swing dancing.

"Is your name Aphrodite? Because you look like the goddess of love."
Very smooth Mr. Stanford Graduate. He was a nice guy though, and I was flattered. But no, just no.

I add different toppings to each quarter as I go so this is just the plain waffle.
Saturday morning came with the usual and perfect buttermilk waffles. Only a few more weeks of these guys before I leave for school! :( I also walked to yoga in the park and proceeded to ease my way though the practice due being both sore, tired, and full. Shavasana felt so good! 

A plus to catering is that you can make extra to have for yourself! ie this glorious carnitas salad. #lovemysummerjob
Sunday began with making dinner! Yep, not a typo - I made dinner, 75% of it at least, at 7:30 this morning. I am utilizing the crock pot, since it is inferno outside and it would be madness to turn on the oven, so I made Pappardelle Bolognese. I know it is so not the right food for this kind of weather but it was on the menu plan for Tahoe and we had all the ingredients. I am using a recipe from the "William's Sonoma" Slow Cooking cookbook - every recipe in that book as been amazing - so I have no worries about dinner. 

Once dinner was in the pot, I went for a run with my running pal. Running with fast people really does make you faster. We did 6.25 miles at a solid pace - but it sure was hot for 9:30 in the morning! I definitely prefer running at 6am to anything other time. Running was followed by some sweaty ab work, some kombucha, and this crazy salad. 

Left over bell pepper, cucumber, apple, tomato, mint and feta salad, some slow cooked rosemary potatoes (both from dinner last night), then some sautĂ©ed shrimp and feta on top for extra protein and a good squirt of ketchup - a must with shrimp and the potatoes! Strange as the combo was, it totally worked and I kinda wish we had more leftovers so I could have it again!

So that's what's been happening this weekend. It wasn't the original plan; I didn't tan at Sugar Pine, or   complete a hearty run in the elevation, but that's life right? And the good eats plus that pick up line totally made up for it!

Do you guys have any favorite salad's that sound totally weird? I feel like I cannot possible be the only one!

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