Thursday, March 1, 2012

March, I am so glad you are here!

My month started off with a lovely 4 mile run at 6 am. Somehow my running pal, Zoe, and I managed to miss the rain showers - though I wore a my wind/rain breaker anyway! I never want to run when my alarm goes off at 5:40, but by 6:30 I am oh so glad I got up. And it is so great to have speedy company!

A great run was followed by a warm shower, which was followed by a cold breakfast! Oats in a Jar - so worth the chill.

Kettle Cashew Butter is my favorite store bought nut butter. Not too drippy, not too dry; just incredibly thick and rich and wonderful. I've been saving the jar a few days just so that I could make overnight oats in it for this glorious March morning :)

The mix: a blend of plain greek and regular yogurt. rolled oats. flax meal. chia. vanilla. cashew butter! 
The Best Part!
And notice my favorite spoon!? I got these in Europe last summer. They are spoons for eating ice cream but I think they are perfect for eating almost anything! I had used one at an Eis Cafe in Langen, Germany (where I ate this incredible dish for a early lunch!)...

Eis Truffle. Hazelnut ice cream rolled in cocoa goodness.
... and was so lucky enough to find a set (of 6) shopping later that day!! 

Okay I will tone down the !!! now. I'm just really excited for all the fun stuff coming up this month. Here's some of the major ones: 

  • Shamrock'n Half Marathon
  • 18th Birthday
  • Working at my new job
  • Day trip to SF with a best friend (Tartine is the agenda)
My mind was so distracted today with everything thats coming up that I had to make myself a serious snack. Yes I made a bomb quesadilla. Yes it was already 3:30. Yes I had a hefty lunch.
Lunch twice in one day! #ohthelifeofarunner

spinach. hummus. mozzarella. whole wheat toe tortilla
And would you guys like to know what I think I am most excited for this month? Here's a hint... and basically a give away


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