Friday, February 24, 2012

Back on the Bandwagon

Sorry for the very belated post. I lost all motivation to blog due to sheer intimidation. But I was re-inspired today :) So it's back - hopefully for a while.

So... last last Friday afternoon, I got an early dismissal from my mum.

We made a deal that, if I got out (it sounds like I'm in prison or something!), I would 1. make her lunch; 2. treat her to cocoa at Ginger Elizabeth. How could she refuse : )

Home before noon! And the only exciting part of school that day? Learning about Fungi!!! When I saw that it was on the AP Bio agenda, gah I was so ready to listen to the lecture. Fungi is so amazing... why can't my future college offer a mycology minor. I would be so for that.

So I was in a day long dilemma on whether to cook savory or sweet pancakes, and I finally caved and went for savory. Using Heidi's cottage pancakes (recipe found here), I proceeded to make the fluffiest, loveliest Friday afternoon brunch lunch. I used romanesco, because my mom felt the need to buy it based on it's alien appearance, and topped the cakes with greek yogurt mixed with herbs de provence. There were many mmms to be had.

Too the hair salon! Can you believe that, prior to Friday, I had not had a hair cut since late June!?! I got just about 2 inches cut off and it looks and feels so much healthier now. I read bon appetit! magazine while my mom got her hair cut. Unfortunately I was cramming, trying to absorb as much magazine juice before we left for our next destination.

Ginger Elizabeth. Oh Yes.

European Sippin' Cocoa 

When I step foot in this shop, my breathing deepens significantly. The aroma is oh-so wonderful. Seeing the delicate macarons, the stack of cocoa brittle, the individual chocolates, cubed and aligned - I wanted them all. However, I had my heart set on one thing. European Sipping Chocolate.
I am a big fan of dark chocolate, and scoff at any bar claiming to be dark and being under 70%. The darkest I have had was 85%. (Though I  did find a 90% cocoa (!!!) bar at Whole Foods, but could not justify paying $7 for about 2 oz... but my birthday is coming)

Mom and I ordered the same thing, like mother like daughter :) And we also bought a chocolate chip cookie, but I never actually ate any of it since I was so satisfied with my beverage.


We both agreed that it was like melted dark chocolate. The consistency was almost pudding, it was that thick! For me it surpassed the Oaxacan Cocoa that Ginger serves. I have found that the chili burns my throat most unpleasantly!

Post saturating our taste buds in happiness, we briefly went thrifting, then to the Co Op! (can I just live at that place please?) to buy cocoa, and nut butters, and greens!

T'was a wonderful Friday, spent with a wonderful Mum. Cheer's to the weekend ahead friends!

and I am happy to be back in blogging mode :)

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