Sunday, February 5, 2012

Apple Bleu Cheese Pizza

Friday is arguably the best day of the week to have pizza. Something about those wide, floppy, cheesy slices of goodness just says 'you worked hard this week. go ahead. eat some pizza.'

This pizza recipe was inspired by a very awesome teacher friend of mine. It's easy to make, easier to eat, and makes Friday nights that much more enjoyable.

Apple Bleu Cheese Pizza

Serves: as many slices as you feel fit to share

ready and rolled out pizza dough (mine was a homemade whole wheat)
olive oil
aioli garlic mustard
thinly sliced green apple
crumbled bleu cheese
cracked black pepper

The Method:
Brush dough with olive oil, then with a healthy layer of mustard. Arrange apples in a semi-artistic manner, as if it were a tart. Crumble cheese over the apples. Crack some pepper. Bake until apples are soft and crust is gold and crispy.

Take pizza out of the oven. Let cool slightly (it's hard to wait since this smells incredible). Eat!

When I first became aware of the 'apple on pizza' concept, I was a skeptic. Fruit... on a pizza? Really. If you're in the same boat I was on, I understand the confusion you may be feeling... but if you love bleu cheese, and know whats good for you, your palate, and your Friday's... make this pizza. And then, maybe, come back for seconds :)

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