Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some fun K cheese

I have read, that with mushroom foraging, the rule goes something like this:

When in doubt, throw it out.

Gosh I wish I could do the same with cheese.

symbolic to my hazy perception of this cheese
This morning I went to a Vegan Soup cooking class at the Co Op. I arrived 90 minutes early, not because I was just that excited, but because I was assisting in the kitchen!

My Co Op has such a great deal that when you sign up to assist, prior to the class, you get to attend the class for half the price. Score!

I had so much fun chopping onions, and toasting almonds, and talking about food with the chef. She was so nice and helpful. I had a great time. And the class itself? You curious foodies :) the class taught me how to make 3 different soups (black bean, curried butternut, and french onion) and 1 basic vegetarian stock.

They were all tasty, but the black bean won my heart. It was so simple and creamy (without the cream ha). I may have been partial to it any way since I sauteed the bell peppers that were the garnish. I learned some great tips about beans and... red miso! I never intend to write about that stuff yet for some reason it comes up more often than not. Funny.

With my Co Op class, also comes a discount of $5. So I went shopping at my most favorite place!

I am ALWAYS on the look out for strange, good looking cheeses at the Co Op. I just know they get pricy, so I only buy them when I can get a discount. Today, after inspecting about 20 kinds of cheese, I went with a raw cow milks cheese (but the bleu brie was a close second). And for some strange reason, I did not smell it first. DOH!

I came home and my grocery bag was r a n k. I sniffed around the bag and quickly realized what was causing the smell.

I know that this is a food blog, and I should keep things appetizing, but when I tell you guys that this cheese smelt like butt... it is only out of honesty.

Well, I knew I had to try it, being that I did just spend 6 bucks on it.

So I held my breath. Knifed a piece. And spat it out. It was that bad. 

Maybe it was because I smelt it first? Maybe it was because it really was that repulsive. I was a little upset by it all to be honest. I was anticipating a cheesier, tangy punch. But hey, that's what trying new, funky, strange cheese is all about right?

Love my little cheese plate set. I had to share it with you guys :)
I quickly doused the flavor in hummus. Classy. I also wanted to show you something else that I bought recently, but am waiting for the perfect time to drink it.

I'm anticipating it to taste like a Kombucha. Maybe it's like a wanna-be brand? I think I got it at the Co Op when I went last week. Gosh I love that place.

The nutrient info looks pretty... plain

With finals over (party! in the kitchen). And me happy with grades, I'm excited to start spending more time working on my blog.

The rest of my Saturday consists of watching a movie with some friends, eating vegetables, cleaning, and reading. Such a hip teenager !

Whats the worst thing you have ever eaten?

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