Friday, March 2, 2012

Breakfast at the Co Op

I had every intention to go for an a.m. jog with my Mom and her running pal, Tracy, this morning. Really I did... but that just didn't happen this morning. 

What did happen, however, was this... 

Breakfast at the Sac Natural Food's Co Op

Note Mom in big cozy exercise sweatshirt. someone ran 3 miles this am :)

On the first Friday of every month, my local Co Op has a 10% off entire purchase. My Mom and I have flip-flopped on whether we really want to become members since we don't shop here too often (or as often as I would like... Trader Joe's is only less half a mile from our house!). So instead of getting a membership, we just go about once a month and totally splurge. 

A similar thing happens at Whole Foods. 

Anyway.... I have been experiencing intense scone cravings for weeks and weeks, and I keep telling myself, "I'll go to Tupelos and get a scone...." That, too, just hasn't happened. 

Well last night I decided that, tomorrow "I would get that scone!"
seeking some sunlight 
Planning ahead, like always, I made up tasty green smoothies to take with us. I figured if I was going to have a buttery, sugary scone, I would need some protein (and vitamins!) to keep me from totally crashing in AP Bio in the hours to come.

Craving Satisfied

Though my scone was good, and I loved the crumb from the brown sugar, my Mom got the cranberry orange scone and it was much better. The citrus flavor was so pronounced! But, c'est la vie!
It was fun to have our little breakfast before hitting the aisles. And what wonderful things on those aisles!

Most exciting purchase: beets (for an upcoming recipe!).  

Exercise did not happen this morning, but a pleasent breakfast did. Tomorrow I'm going to make both happen in one morning!

Can you guess what I'm making with them beets? (Hint: not a scone)

Happy Friday!

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