Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eating Large Sandwiches and Flowers

These last 48 hours of my life had been ravenous ones. It may be because of the race, it may not be, all I know is that I have been in a serious mood for lots of food. 

Exhibit A: RockinBestPossibleComboToGoBetweenTwoHugeSlabsOfFocacciaBreadEver Sandwich.

Grilled veggies, sun-dried tomato aoili, balsamic vinegar, greens, and yes, extra money was spent on fresh slabs of mozzarella and chunks of avocado. It needed to happen.

I ate the whole thing.

And it was glorious. 

Do you ever have those moments when you are eating something that is exactly as awesome as you were imagining it to be, and you sort of feel like crying because of how good it is? No? Well that's strange because I totally have those moments. And I definitely had one yesterday with that sandwich. 

Moving on to Tuesday . . .  

I made a little trip over to Davis to visit my lovely friend Isabel. We had warm sophisticated beverages at a cafe downtown and talked about sustainable things, cute boys, and the good times that result from ammature rock climbing. 

She also gave me a (local) bottle of roasted garlic olive oil as a slightly belated birthday gift. Someone knows me well :) Can't wait to put this on just about everything. 

Another thing I can't stop putting on everything? Flowers. I seriously cannot help it. They just make whatever I am eating so much cuter and more feminine. Masculine Salad = Caesar. Feminine Salad = Caesar with a flower! As long as you've got some bolting plants nearby, you can make your salad whatever gender you want! 

       ^ Mango Kombucha!                            
I totally just gender-ized my food. Maybe I should stop eating flowers. 

Todays Salad...
2 huge fistfuls of spinach and rainbow chard, washed and chopped 
leftover cooked red quinoa 
fresh whole milk ricotta 
this delicious salad dressing: 
- olive oil, apricot jam (that I got at the farmers market last August and FINALLY decided to open), and apple cider vinegar
one (a little too fried) fried egg 
tempting yellow blossoms and a few unlucky aphids. Guess I'm not the only one who knows whats good about flowers.   

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