Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

I had these most wonderful day yesterday. 

I woke up at the wee hour of 7am. This is has become my regular wake up time as of late. Part of me doesn't want to get up for at least another hour, but the other part of me (and the majority of me I think) starts planning the day and I just sort of gravitate out of bed and towards the floor. And I'm up.

Pancakes were the chosen breakfast, kodiak cakes with molasses and cinnamon. Probably the worst tasting pancakes I have ever made. I think if they don't have pumpkin mixed in they just taste plain gross. Never mind that though, the day was young and displeasing pancakes were not going to ruin it.

Next was a good chemistry homework session with myself. Then I laced up my running shoes, threw on my hat and headed out into the beautiful morning for a run in Bidwell Park. I stopped on the 2.5 mile turn around point and just closed my eyes and listened to bird song. I felt complete and present and alive. 2.5 miles running back home - no unbearable knee pain! That's something to celebrate I tell ya.

Back at home, I put my no-knead bread on its second rise. It was looking just as ferment-happy as ever. Stretching. Showering. Putting on my favorite Mission Cheese t-shirt and slipping on Toms. Imaging soft warm bread - not yet Grace!

I took the rising time as an opportunity to ride my bike to Chico Natural Foods Co Op. Now that I am a member, I mainly shop only there and the farmer's market. Talk about being one happy shopper. I spent a good half hour perusing the store, deciding what I wanted.

I came home with a loot. Bacon avocado, red quinoa, farro, and dried garbanzos. A bar of chocolate, ginger tea, plain & creamy goats milk yogurt, and gorgeous blue cheese (the splurge). 

The oven was then set; dough was quickly set inside. A fabulous salad was made to tide my hunger. Peacock kale massaged in delicious olive oil, Meyer lemon juice, Himalayan sea salt, and shavings of pecorino. Heaven. Just simple, pure, beautiful food.

More chemistry. Bread out of the oven. Bread cooling. More chemistry. Bread cool enough? Yes. Slice a thick hunk of the stuff, dip it in olive oil and chew happily. Share with friends.

Off to campus. Donation calls for This Way to Sustainability Conference that went THE BEST EVER.  I got more donations yesterday than all the other days I have made calls combined. They must have been in the lovin' mood too. 

The day got even better by my psychology teacher giving all the students chocolate, I brought mine home to give to my friends. More love to share. The chemistry tutoring that followed was helpful and confidence boosting. Exam on Wednesday. I am baring down the hatches this weekend, but will remain in the sun. Literally and figuratively. 

Home for dinner. Bread. Amazing bleu cheese and parsnip panini. Roasted romanesco. Crisp and alien-like. Oh the joys of honest food. A dinner where everything I ate was from my home state. I was so happy. 

The day ended with ginger tea, some squares of dark chocolate, Downton Abbey, and a good talk with a great friend. Filling.

Yesterday, I did not celebrate my love for a person. Instead I celebrated my love for life, everything that surrounds me, and myself. It could not have been a better and more pleasing day. I could share photos with you but I think words are enough to get my message across. 

Everyday may not be as wonderful as yesterday was, but that is no reason to not embrace all that we are given each day. Live today, listen to what your body is asking for, and love. Love anything and everything you want to love with all the goodness in your heart. Happiness is bound to follow.

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  1. Loved this post, Grace! I could almost taste the yeasty bread and lemon kale salad. Let's eat (local food) together again :)