Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back in the Swing

Well the first week of the new semester is gone. Break seems like some awesome dream that may or may not have actually happened. I did so many great things though: two trips to Ginger Elizabeth, Whole Foods, and Magpie, and one to the Grange and Tuli . One attempted Julia Child recipe using local duck. Easy to cook, easy to eat, but such a pain to carve, Success making bread and pasta. Dental bone graph surgery and recovery. Many long walks and short runs. Plenty of reading and cookbook sifting. Yoga. Catering. Olive oil tasting. Cheese nirvana and much more. Oh it was a glorious time.

But now I'm back in Chico and ready to hit this semester running. And walking.

Here's what the courses be for this semester:

CHEM - Organic Chemistry (bring it) + Lab
NFSC - Elementary Foods + Lab
MATH - Statistics
PSYCH - Developmental Wellness
CMST - Group Communication

Oh and along with that lets not forget volunteering every Friday in the kitchen at Sherwood Montesorri School, helping out with the This Way To Sustainability Conference, maintaining Konkow Garden, and ya know trying to have a social life, eat, and exercise. Totally do-able right?

So far things are going rather well. Last week I managed to survive all my classes (gold star), get in some runs and some yoga time, bake bread (more on that later), garden, and get hooked on Game of Thrones. 

In other news, I became a member of Chico Natural Foods Co Op, and signed the lease to an awesome house to rent with five of my awesome friends for next semester. Let the good times roll.

I'll leave you with some photos, and an intention to have less scattered and more topic oriented posts soon. I'm thinking one on 'cooking for one', 'gardening', my 'diet', and of course recipes. Do you guys and gals have a preference?
first day of the semester breakfast. almond pulp hummus. you guys need this recipe
arugula: I deem thee (walnut-pecorino) pesto
typical lunch: young greens (dunno what they were but I couldn't resist them at the farmers market), roasted red onion, shrooms, & broccoli, red quinoa, homemade pesto, and hemp seeds

soft & dense rye bread
Forgive the blurriness above. I suppose I was just trembling (with the anticipation to try a hunk of this), and could not manage a steady hand. Fear not, there will be more of these loafs to come! Bread Bakin' Thursday? Why not.

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  1. Olive oil tasting is something I've always wanted to do. And almond pulp hummus - how DARE you mention that and not provide a recipe! I would join you in bread baking Thursday.