Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Somewhat of a Letter

It's been a long time. I know. If there is anyone reading this sliver of media space, I apologize. To be honest, I have tons of things to share but zero motivation to do so. I am just so tired of stumbling upon the basic healthy living blogs of 20 year old girls obsessed with fitness and nut butter. Sheepishly I admit I too felt the desire to have a rockin' body like that so often repined on pinterest, or to post every possible picture of what I ate in thinking that someone would care. I could measure my eating habits to someone else's on 'what I ate wednesday', and after an evening on reading about everyone else's overly healthy oatmeal loaded and kale laced lives, I and the rest of the healthy living bloggers would nibble on dark chocolate and feel naughty about it. It gets, as has got, way under my skin.

The female obsession of body image is ridiculous. I am tired of hearing about how much we love our bodies, and yet we abuse them with emaciated food, unhealthy habits, and torturous mindsets. I am not going to preach about my view on body image. All I will say is that I love how I look, see, and treat my body and hope that everyone else can render such a respect towards themselves.

I have never really set a specific goal for my blog, and I still do not really have one. I know I have some readers, and for that I am grateful. I am not done with this blog just yet. As often as I think about just deleting it, I think equally realize how many wonderful things I can share with my readers. I have learned so much about food, not all (thank goodness), but much from fellow bloggers. I have sifted through the countless blogs I have found and see a similarity in the blogs I return to and in the blogs I don't. As cheesy at it may sound, my blogging, and my internal debates on whether to keep blogging or to just 'throw in the towel', have allowed me to recognize aspects of myself. Aspects I like, and that I am proud of.

There may not be beautiful pictures, a fancy heading, or sponsors. Will that day come? Who knows. Making my blog attractive is the least of my desires. (But let me just say that I respect and admire all of the beautiful blog site out there. props to you guys and gals!) What I want to do is tell about my fermentation adventures making cheese, kombucha, and sauerkraut. I want to celebrate the love of whole foods with other people (with you?) and just write and share good things. 2013 is not bringing a new diet into my life - I will continue to not make GF muffins and cookies, or paleo pancakes (seriously why people?). It also has not wrought a desire to loose or gain weight, read a certain amount of books, or find my soul mate (though if that happened I wouldn't be opposed). This year all I want to do is DO and experience and nourish and live richly. And whatever becomes of it, I hope to share.

Best to you all,

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