Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fact: I shovel popcorn

I just ate so much popcorn. SO much popcorn... and it is totally okay. Since I popped it myself it is justifiable right? Right. I have such a small pot to pop my corn in that I pop a couple tablespoons then put those in a bowl, then pop a couple more tablespoons and while those are popping I kind of shovel the fresh popcorn. Gotta make room for the next batch right? Right again.

I mean how do you eat popcorn and not shovel? Don't answer that - ignorance is bliss. And is it weird that I do not even flavor my popped corn? Again, don't answer that. When you live with 13 other people who like buttery popcorn, liking bland popcorn just means you don't have to worry about sharing. Score.

So with a belly stuffed with bland popcorn goodness, I am plopped on the couch waiting for Harry Potter to come on and remembering about my blog - that small corner of the WWW that I have so ardently neglected these past few months. Forgive me please.

It's been a whirlwind of a semester thus far and I think I finally have some time to make a few posts, and let you all know that 1) I am alive and 2) I have recipes and words to share. 

The next post will come soon, but until I get there... here's what I have failed to share with you: 

Things will be up and running soon! I promise :) 

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