Monday, July 16, 2012


Woke up at 6am this morning to the sound of the 'delta breeze' rustling the trees outside my window. It made me ache for fall and scrunch back under my summer sheets. Is anyone else craving pumpkin yet?  It re-occurred to me that last night I had the intent to go for a quick 3 mile run this morning - to loosen things up after yesterdays 8.6 miler on the parkway in the 90 degree heat. My running buddy is used to running in 102, I'm used to the 60's - can you tell who is the morning person? 
My quickie run was quickly over ruled by my growling stomach. You would think after three slices of pizza last night this body would be nowhere near hungry. Wrong! I forced myself to stay in bed until 7 and then strolled into the kitchen for breakfast.

I've been really into soaking grains and nuts lately. I soaked my oats last night in the left over whey I had (from making goat cheese. yes, I've been making goat cheese) and spatula-ed (is that even a word?) them into my smoothie.

This smoothie had half a bag of spinach in it. I'm not even close to joking right now. And I feel so physically clean after drinking/eating these - almost as if I really had gone for that little run this morning. It also had a small handful of strawberries, a nub of banana, and a whole lotta greek yogurt. And yes, that is flax meal on the top. I can't chew granola right now, or have chia seeds, so it was the only appropriate alternative.

The weather is seriously beautiful today - it's the middle of July and it's going to be 80 degrees and breezy? I'll have another 500 helpings of this weather please. Anyway, the day is too nice to waste away. Especially since I have spent the last week on the couch nursing my jaw, that had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, since last monday.

I'm slowly getting back to solid foods, but I've found that chewing makes my jaw especially tired and achy. Sadly, I am pretty much done with smoothies and purred soups for the next few weeks at least. Someone grill me a crispy panini - I would love you forever. And then I would procede to gum it down. Cute.

So today is consisting of the following:
Make Hillary's Pick-me-up Power Bars (even though I just ran out of puffed rice - I'll improvise!)
Make walnut butter! 
Take down my shells and namaste banner along with other miscellaneous room decor and pack it up for college.
Oral Surgeon Appointment
Whole Foods (!)
Sur la Table
Crate and Barrel

If I can squeeze a walk in there, awesome. If not, I'm sure I'll get plenty of walking done when I'm out shopping, right?

Have a breezy Monday!

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