Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Wicked Ending

Ready for my excuse? 

I haven't written a post in forever because... I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! 


It was two weeks ago but it feels more like a month. I can hardly believe I went to Disneyland just a little over a month ago - time sure does fly!

So pre - graduation went something like this:

Cooking! I got the amazing '365 days of SALADS' by William Sonoma in May, and have made at least one new recipe from it a week. Everything has been stellar. I cannot tell you how much I love this book. I love(d) it so much that I bought the '365 days of SOUPS' book recently as well. I made my first recipe from the book yesterday - hooked! I know soup in the summer sounds horrid, but since the book goes by what is in season I somehow feel 0% crazy when I am cooking and eating soup when it is 93 degrees outside.

Family was summoned over for lunch/dinner before we headed off to Graduation! 

Sisters.... (I am 99% sure that is my sisters hand and not my Moms)

Fellow graduates !

Officially done! And what a food good feeling it is. This last semester kicked my butt but I am so proud of myself for accomplishing all that I did. I resisted senioritis until the very end - not an easy task. And I  feel so complete now with my 'high school experience'. 
This wholesome feeling my be partially due to the Chipotle burrito I consumed during the course of grad-night. Nothing says "so long!" high school like one of those babies. 
But the ceremony and the burrito were only the beginning. I also had a graduation party that involved me planning and cooking for 30+ family and friend persons. What a fun, exhausting, rewarding job. And what a great party! I planned the menu and created a 'Mediterranean/Adriatic' theme. Focaccia, cevapcici, and ajvar sauce all around! As well as a bounty of HonestTea and lemon ricotta cookies.

15 pounds of meat - I knew mixing would be work that required all four limbs. 

My graduation finale was two trips to one of my favorite places, Ella Dining Room and Bar, where I ventured to try the Sea Urchin and Clam Linguine. 

I was surprised that I liked the chewy, squishy texture of the clam meat. The pasta and buttery sauce were heavenly - not surprising. Why do I not order pasta out more often? (Okay I know why, but still - it is always so good). The one downside was that the clams smelled a little too similar to the lamp ray I recently dissected in AP Bio class. Gross, I know - I tried not to think about it.  

And the big finale - as if Ella wasn't enough: seeing the fabulous show WICKED

Can you say incredible? I had not read the book, or listened to the soundtrack, prior to seeing it so I was just hoping it was as wonderful as everyone was claiming it to be. It was. Act I ended with 'Defying Gravity' and I was speechless. The voices, the characters, the energy - outstanding. If you ever have a chance to see this show... take it. Seriously... and then buy the CD as fast as possible because the songs become engraved in your mind and singing with the cast, I find, it much more fun.

And to wrap up high school and open to the impending, mysterious, and enormous life of college... I went to my Orientation! 

It feels so surreal to be on campus now that I am done with high school. I got all the classes I wanted for the coming semester and was able to meet with my adviser for the Nutrition and Food Science Department. I am so excited to be in an environment that will nourish all my aspirations and supply me with good energy. As corny as it sounds, that is the best way I can put my emotions. :)

And speaking of good energy, here is a brief race recap:

Women's Fitness Festival
June 2, 2012

 ~ 23:09 ~ 

3rd in my age group 2 years in a row! I never have the intention to place anywhere special, I just run the race to run it and have fun - so how crazy is it that this has happened twice now?!

Overall: 51 out of 3258 lady runners and walkers.


 Mile 1: 7:28
 Mile 2 : 7:36
 Mile 3 : 7:17
  - 0.1: 6:52 

Women's Fitness Festival 2011:  27:52 

It was a great race but too short! Which leads me to more news: I am registered for the 2012 California International Marathon! I figured with three half - marathons under my belt that I am ready for a whole. Training will start in August, more on that later.

Summer, thus far, could hardly be better - unless I was in Croatia or Europe (one-more-year!). I am in the kitchen constantly, exercising daily, reading, drinking whole milk (more on that later too), being productive and thriving. What more could I want from summer.

A camping trip up at Fort Bragg is on this weekends agenda! See you cats Monday!

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