Saturday, March 24, 2012

Domestic and Wild

It has been a hard couple of weeks.

The day of the race, I got a sore throat - it has all been downhill from there. My birthday came and went with severe congestion - not being able to taste French Onion Soup for my birthday dinner was heart-breaking. The Lucky Run Half Marathon came and went - with me not running it, due to feeling like death. Last Monday, I felt like I was on the mend - then I came down with a fever on Tuesday. Go figure. I've felt the best today, though I don't feel out of the woods just yet. Tea, save me.

But... I've been complaining and moping about this whateverI'vegotthatwon'tgoaway way too much. So lets get this post rollin' for you gals (and maybe guys?).

For my birthday - yes it happened. Yes I am now an 'adult'. Yes I can get married. Yes I can get a tattoo. Yes I can buy tabacco - Rite-Aid watch out. ( *I kid. None of those things will be happening soon/or ever)

What did happen was this: I received a Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit! (As well as 4 jars of Barny Butter <3, an impending trip to both SF with my best friend, and Chez Panisse with my best Mum. I'm spoiled, but grateful.)
In it's entirety. 

So the shrooms, after being soaked in a bucket for 24 hours, are growing (quite well) in my basement.

This was day 1. It's day 7 and little dark oyster caps are a-sproutin'!
The bag contents are coffee grounds and other goodies.
They should be ready for their first harvest on Wednesday. So excited... but I feel like such a (happy) hippy.

Today I was actually in the field (woods would be better term I think) with real deal. Fungi straight from Mother Earth herself... not UPS. I was fortunate enough to go on a beginners foraging walk with local food blogger/hunter/angler/gardener/cook Mr. Hank Shaw. Heard of him? If you haven't, you can access his website at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.

This guy is awesome. Super friendly, informative, and humble - which is a nice quality (especially for someone who forages for mushrooms). He showed us some of his spots for finding edibles, which is crazy nice since normally it's a private thing for foragers. And it's understandable as to why.

It was a great (but cold!) walk. And we found many plants and mushrooms!

Edible Amanita
... and nonedible
And we all got a signed copy of his book (so excited to read it) and lunch.
Just what a sniffling cold girl needed!

He made a cozy bowl of green minestrone - which had pesto in it!? I would have never thought to put pesto (with pine nuts he harvested from Nevada) in soup. It hit the spot.

I really enjoyed the walk, but my constant sniffling and coughing did put a damper on my friendliness - I think some people avoided me because they thought I had the plague - and I don't blame them!

In other news:

  • Today was also my very first time driving on the freeway solo. (Yes!)
  • Got new running shoes. Brooks Defiance 5. Ready to test 'em out tomorrow am.
  • I had a Ginger Elizabeth Tropical Coconut Dessert Macaron tonight. It was incredible.
  • ... I have another Macaron (Yuzu Chocolate) in the fridge for tomorrow! 
Things are lookin' good. :)

Do you have any news to share? Have you ever gone/wanted to go foraging?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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